Flinders Dental and Medical Services is a specialist provider of quality dental and medical equipment. Formed in 1991 as Steriliser Sales and Service, we amalgamated with Flinders Instruments in 1997.

Members of our team were involved in establishing SETSA (Sterilising Equipment Testing and Servicing Association), which was developed to facilitate the introduction of the current Australian Standard (4815) in 2001.

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Head Office Unit 3 13-17 Marlow Road KESWICK SA 5035

This foundation gives us unparalleled expertise in advising our clients on sterilising equipment requirements, including testing and servicing. We advise all our clients in the process of validation and accreditation to ensure compliance with the standard.

Flinders Dental and Medical Services offers a quality range of dental and medical chairs, units, operating lights and ancillary equipment. Over the years we have sold and serviced the world’s most reputable brands. We are aiming to provide our customers with the best quality, new and innovative products.

We are committed to the goal of total customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to meet and exceed our customers expectations for product quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and customer service. Our main objective is to create value for our customers.

At this stage we are happy to discuss any products or service calls you may wish to purchase via an email or phone call. This is because we are transitioning to an online, one stop shop  and are committed to making it the best for value and reliability.

Call us on 08 8234 6264 to arrange a visit to our showroom, or to speak with a consultant.