picture of a Halo Light

D – TEC Lighting


fluorescent lighting
Flat screen bracket as optional extra
Outstanding colour reproduction
IP30 rated
Shadow and glare-free
Low energy consumption
Ambient lighting

Product Description

At D-TEC they’ve been working with lighting for over 25 years. The goal has always been to offer the best possible lighting conditions for the most demanding customers. That means getting as close to the world’s best light source as possible, the sun. There products are designed and manufactured in order to recreate as natural daylight as possible in your workplace.

Halo H1200

An illuminating choice

Halo is a light unit which combines the latest LED technology with world-class design and eye-comfort. Halo is optimised for the most demanding working environments, is efficient and easy to keep clean. The unit also has outstanding colour reproduction, as well as a shadow and glare-free lighting with a brightness of up to 3,000 lux. With the
latest LED technology, Halo can reduce energy usage by as much as 70% compared with standard light fittings.
Halo’s sleek and smooth design makes it easy to clean, and the light source itself is enclosed, which effectively means that Halo is maintenance free. Halo is ideal for working environments requiring optimum lighting, which have stringent requirements for hygiene and safety. Halo is also entirely silent thanks to the self-cooling aluminium
construction, which generates hardly any heat at all.


Colour reproduction as seen through a spectroscope:

Additional Information


H1200, Weight -16 kg, Brightness – 200-3,000 lux/1.2, Dimensions – 1,200 x 600 mm
Optional – Flat screen bracket