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Turbo Smart A with ISO 18 Hydrocyclone

Turbo SMART is a semi wet suction system with INVERTER control. It is our most versatile suction system known for its consistent high performance and can be supplied in many configurations to suit your suction requirements. They are of superior design, mechanical precision and robust components.

Reasons why

Consistent high performance: What is inverter control?A simple and SMART way to grow
Dental clinics vary in size. Consequently” the requirements of the suction system will constantly change dependent on a number of variables such as the number of simultaneous users, what size suction tip is being used, the amount of fluid being aspirated, etc. The inverter monitors these changes and instantly adapts the output to ensure that high suction performance, is constantly maintained.
Inverter control optimises performance and efficiency.
The principle is simple:
the inverter is an electronic control that can vary the speed, and therefore the output of the electric
suction unit. It adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirements of the clinic – no more, no less!
Thanks to the inverter technology, multiple SMART systems can be installed in parallel
providing your clinic with the ability to easily expand capacity or to introduce built-in back up.

Connecting a number of SMART suction systems together in parallel is a ‘plug and play’ exercise. With the inverters monitoring the system in harmony, parallel connection has never been so simple.


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Product Description

Why Cattani?
Recommended for 2 – 3 Surgeries
Fitted with ISO 18 Hydrocyclone Amalgam Retention Inverter technology
Energy efficient
High vacuum performance
Low maintenance
Easy installation
Amalgam Retention compliant to ISO 11143

Additional Information


Recommended for 2 – 3 Surgeries, Fitted with ISO 18 Hydro-cyclone Amalgam Retention, Electrical Specifications 1.22 kW – 7A, Max flow -210 mbar, Max vacuum for continuous duty 1400 l/min, Sound Output 68.2 dB(A), Height 645mm, Width 400mm, Depth 330mm, Weight 36 kg